About/ Status ☺️

Hello my lovelies, ♡

Welcome to the wonderful world of Everything Eden! 🙋🏼

First of all thank you for clicking on my page! It means the whole world and the stars to me that you have taken the time out of your  busy day to read my blog! I hope it makes you smile! ⭐️

My name is Eden and I’m just an everyday teen from the UK who decided to create a blog one day back in June 2015! I have always loved writing so i thought this would be a great way to express my feelings and to give you my opinions and reviews! I love makeup its my passion, fashion means a lot to me, I also love  reading, writing & baking! Also I am an aspiring photographer and I am all about spreading happiness and giving advice! 💜

I blog about all thing beauty, fashion & lifestyle related. Also I do positive chats! From makeup routines to Q&A’s! I hope I have something for everyone on this page and i hope you all enjoy my content! ✨

I aim not for thousands of followers or hundreds of likes or comments, but just a few lovely  people who share my happiness, positivity and passion to read and enjoy my posts every week! I want to make all you lovelies happy and just spread the sprinkles of postiveness around the world of the internet! 😚

Please check out my recent blog post and see what you think! I would love to have your feedback, it really helps me improve as a blogger! 😇

Have a lovely day! 💁🏼

Love Eden 💋

76 thoughts on “About/ Status ☺️

  1. mycrazyobsessionofbooks16

    Hey Eden,
    Nice to meet you. Just stumbled across your blog. It’s awesome. And yeah that post did make me smile. Thank you. I’m glad to have gotten here. Happy blogversary, I know it’s 4 months late but still.
    Bye I guess.
    Ps. Just gave you a follow and I’d appreciate it if you could give me one back. Have a wonderful day

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  2. scarlettcx

    I think it’s perfectly okay to say no offence but that’s just based on my personal experiences. I think it’s better to say no offence before saying something as you’re letting the person know that you’re saying it to help them rather than to be mean.
    Honestly I think it’s fine to say it and you’re making a bigger deal out of it than it is but you might just be more sensitive than me xx

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  3. mayzeee

    Hi Eden, I am a brand new blogger and was wondering if you could share a few tips about how I can appeal to my audience and really get my blog attracting more people. This would mean so much to me as this is all very daunting, and it would be lovely to get a few tricks from someone who has been blogging for a while!!!
    Thank you very much x

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    1. Everything Eden Post author

      If you would like some more in depth blog posts I have some how to start blogging and voting tips posts which I will link in a follow up comment but to appeal to people write about what you love and be passionate readers love passion and they love to see you writing about something you love. If you want more people definitely make a Instagram and Twitter for your blog and join blogger chats and groups xx



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